Traditional Liyuan Library 传统梨园图书馆

by davidbjensen

Tucked away in the quaint mountainous village of Huairou, China, just outside of Beijing, is a new library that utilizes both the placement of the building and choice of natural materials to harmoniously blend this structure into its pastoral natural surroundings. Its outward expression is reminiscent of the nearby villagers’ households, who routinely stack wooden sticks outside their homes to be used for fueling their cooking stoves.

The reading room.

The interior is spatially organized so as to create distinct steps, which imbue the space with a unique sense of “place” on each level. While views of the surrounding landscape are visible through certain windows, the wooden sticks that clad most of the exterior facade soften the natural lighting, which allows for a peaceful, “Zen-like” ambiance in the reading room for users to quietly take up study.

The Liyuan Library was designed by Li Xiaodong Atelier.  More information, including many more pictures, can be found here.