by davidbjensen

For those of you bibliographers, print-making historians, natural history enthusiasts, illustrators, graphic artists, and general appreciators of all things related to book arts, I would like to share one very well put together and amusing blog:  BibliOdyssey.  Among the tags chronicling the wonderfully rich and pedantically detailed postings you’ll find artistry, ephemera, fauna, flora, monsters, printing, science, and others.

Below is a sampling of a few striking images–all of which are reproductions originally printed in books–to be found on this blog.

Please enjoy!…

tori, maihouou, maitsuru, houou (animal - kamon)

Examples of "Kamon," i.e. Japanese family crests.

toucan illustration - coloured engraving

This hand-colored plate, an engraving of a toucan, was taken from 'Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Rolliers, Suivie de celle des Toucans et des Barbus' -- François Levaillant ; Jacques Barraband ; Perée, Jacques Louis ; Grémillier ; Bouquet, Louis, Paris : Denné le jeune / Perlet, 1806.

A fine example of a woodcut illustration printed in 'Monstrorum Historia' by Aldrovandi, first published in 1642.