Payphone Booths, Re-purposed

by davidbjensen

A payphone booth?  What’s that?  Who uses those anymore?

So there’s this guy, a Columbia architecture grad, going around town with some crazy idea, i.e., fostering community involvement through the love of books…and the love of sharing them.  He’s setting up renegade mini-libraries in phone booths around Manhattan.  It’s kind of like the “take a penny, leave a penny” thingies you see on convenience store counters.  The patrons:  NYC passers by.  The only problem so far is the ambiguity regarding proper usage conduct.  The founder, however, has plans to place subtle instructions for procedure, which are pretty straight forward–borrow or share.

View this article for an interview with the creator of this novel (no pun intended), urban betterment concept.

YES, he has plans for future proliferation.  And NO, the city has not officially approved of this project.