Crystallized Codices

by davidbjensen

Whoa!  Check this out!  These books were recently  found in a crevasse deep in a cave in the hill country of central Texas.  It seems a long-forgotten explorer had left them behind ages ago, only to let the unstoppable forces of nature work their mineralogical magic…and now they’re covered in crystals!

Nah, jk.  (But wouldn’t that be enchanting?)  Ever wonder how to re-purpose and old phone book or an obsolete text book?  Well San Francisco-based installation artist/sculptor Alexis Arnold has come up with one clever way.  Grow crystals on them and create an amusing new addition to the world of book arts.  No, you can’t read them.  But they’re interesting to look at, aren’t they?  It reminds me of something done with those chemistry sets that nerdy 9-year-old kids love to play with, except much more artistically executed, with a great idea for a substrate.

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