During my time spent volunteering at the Special Collections/Archives of the American Museum of Natural History’s research library, I was fundamentally involved with two specific grant-funded initiatives.

The first, facilitated by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), was designed to expose hidden collections held within the library.  I was specifically assigned to the Photographic Slides Collections, which entailed DACS-compliant cataloging on a collection-level basis in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Those records are ultimately converted to MARC format using MarcEdit, which are then uploaded to the library’s catalog, as well as batch loaded into OCLC’s WorldCat.  We referred to the cataloging activities here as “Phase I.”

The other grant, awarded by the  Institute of Library and Museum Services (IMLS), was essentially purposed to comb through the archival holdings in order to perform risk assessment and recommend any preservation treatments that might be required (such as rehousing items in archival quality enclosures, or more descriptive labeling so as to avoid loss of pertinent information due to dissociation).  We used a Microsoft Access database to perform these tasks.  This we called “Phase II.”

Regardless of which part of the project we worked on, we blogged about the progress and interesting findings that day.  A link to all of the blog entries I authored can be found below…

AMNH “Stories from the Archive” Blog